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Sickness: A Thing of the Past
Come Back Next Friday
The Cost of Breaking the Law
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Sickness: A Thing of the Past
by Cher Wandell  
When we think of sickness, we tend to think of it as a present or now thing in our lives.  It is difficult to think of sickness as a thing of the past when your nose is stuffed up and running.  Nevertheless, sickness is a thing of the past!  How do I know?  Jesus preached about healing as a thing of the past; He lived and died to make it so.
The Bible tells us in Isaiah 53:4a that Jesus bore our sickness on the cross.  “Surely He has (past tense) borne our griefs (sicknesses) and carried our sorrows (pains).” It was an “applying of pain” on Jesus that He would literally feel, take on and relieve us of when He actually hung on the cross.
In the Old Testament God`s Word talks about transference of sins of the people.  “The goat shall bear upon him all their iniquities…” (Leviticus 16:22)  This is where we get the word “scapegoat” from…meaning to transfer from one thing or person to another as a replacement.  It was customary that the High Priest of the day would lay hands on a goat and in faith would release the sins of the Israelites onto the goat, transferring them from the people to the goat.  The goat would then be released into the wilderness not to return to the people.  Sins weren`t the only thing that would be transferred.  Sickness and disease being taken away were also part of the fullness of the cross.
Sickness was taken from us and transferred onto Jesus through the shedding on His blood on the cross.  There was a literal taking of something and replacing it with another thing when Jesus laid down His life.  Our sickness was transferred onto Jesus and His Divine health was transferred onto us.  The blood of Jesus replaced sickness with healing and health.  It was like Jesus switched places with us so we could live in Divine health.  When something is replaced, it takes the place of something that pre-existed but no longer exists.
In the New Testament the Word of God testifies of the process of healing transference that had already taken place in 1 Peter 2:24 where Jesus had completed the task of removing sickness, death and disease from all those who would believe.  
“Who Himself bore (removed) our sins in His own body
on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness, by Whose stripes (wounds) you were healed.” (1 Peter 2:24)
When the Word of God tells us that “He (Jesus) had (past tense) borne our sicknesses”, it meant that they were removed far from us.  It was an actual transference of sickness from us to Jesus so that sickness would be totally gone and a thing in the past.  Jesus became our substitute and received sickness on His body so that you and I didn`t have to suffer with it anymore.  It was a complete removal.  When something is gone from us, we consider it a thing of the past.  When the sickness symptoms are gone we say, “I had a cold” or “I had the flu” meaning you had it in the past, but no longer suffer with sickness.  
Those who have been healed from the disease of cancer say, “I had cancer, but now I`m cancer free!”  Jesus has made it possible for us to be free of any sickness and disease, but we must believe He took the disease on Himself and gave us health in exchange.  Our living in Divine health is possible, because sickness and disease are things of the past when we truly believe what Jesus did for us at Calvary.  
We have a blood bought, transference of Divine health, right to live disease and sickness free. The cross worked!  You must believe that Jesus wants you to be healthy and stay healthy.  Your faith in the Word of God as Truth will cause the power of God to be released on you so that you will be healed.  His power and your belief teamed together will cause you to be healed.  Jesus put sickness and disease in the past; you must do the same thing.
Come Back Next Friday
by Cher Wandell
Her weak legs could barely hold her up as she slowly
walked into the sanctuary and sat down toward the front of the room.  This lady of about 75 years of age had come to a healing service to ask God to heal her.
The congregation was standing for some time during praise and worship service, but she remained seated.  A powerful lesson of healing was given and followed by an altar call.  It was time for the healing service to begin.  This certain woman witnessed people being healed, yet she still didn`t come forward.  A final call for healing went forth, and she stood to her feet and came to the altar.
As I watched her come up to me, I saw a scared, tired woman in pain approach.  I asked her what she wanted God to do for her and she told me, “to heal my legs.” I spent some time talking to her before I laid hands on her and prayed.  Right before I laid hands on her something came over my spirit.  I didn`t feel she really understood what she was asking me to do.  I put those feelings aside and thought, “If she is here, she knows why.”  I began to pray over her legs that they would be loosed from all sickness, disease and pain.  Nothing seemed to happen, and she went back to her seat.
After the service I watched her as she left the room.  She was no better than before, I said to myself.  I asked the Lord if I missed it and why didn`t she get healed like the others.  I heard in my spirit, “She hasn`t Word for healing in her.”  This woman wasn`t relying on the Word of God to heal her, but for me to do the healing.  She didn`t realize that I was only a vessel, and God did the healing, even after she just sat through a healing message.
Later, I learned that this woman was in physical therapy and on medication.  She visited the doctors every week.  She was willing to go back over and over again, and wait on the doctor for his method of healing.  Even in doing this, she still was not healed.
Friends, if we are not willing to go back to the Word of God to learn what He said about healing, we cannot receive what we don`t believe.  Unless we re-visit the Word of God on healing on a regular basis we cannot expect healing miracles.
Healing doesn`t come from man; it comes from God and He often uses man as a vessel and point of contact for faith to be released in agreeing on His Word.
When I spoke the Word over her, she agreed with what I was doing. She didn`t agree that God was willing to heal her, because she didn`t understand the prayer of agreement concerning her healing.  She just wanted me to do something and had heard that people have gotten healed in our services.
God will not keep you coming back week after week for your healing if you believe He can and will heal you.  He won`t tell you to, “Come back next Friday and we`ll see if you are any better.”
If you pray in faith, Believe in God (think BIG) for your healing now and watch God`s way of healing His people.  The only thing it will cost you is your faith to Believe in God.
“Again I say unto you, that if two of you will agree on earth as touching any thing (praying on any subject) that they will ask, it will be done for them of My Father which is in Heaven.” (Matthew 18:19)
The Cost of Breaking the Law
by Cher Wandell
Did you ever notice that most people don`t seem to have a problem with keeping the laws of the land?  We try to keep the speed limit for them most part, and do the things we are supposed to do in order to maintain peace.  These laws cost you something if you break them in a tangible way, meaning finances.  There is a price to pay.  It`s easy to understand this kind of law.
Obeying natural laws that govern our body are more difficult to keep.  The result of disregarding our health and eating foolishly isn`t seen right away.  It takes a little time for bad eating habits and lack of exercise to catch up with us, but the cost of breaking these natural laws are higher than paying a fine or ticket.  There is no quick bailing out for a heart attack or other health problems.  There is a risk for any law that is broken.
The hardest law for some to keep is the spiritual laws of God, which is the real foundation of good health.  The cost of not obeying spiritual laws are eternal, and these laws affect all laws.  
“For you are bought with a price: therefore glorify God
in your body, and in your spirit, which are God`s.”
(1 Corinthians 6:20)
When we become born again our body no longer is ours.  There is a cost God said; Jesus paid the price for us when He died on the cross.  The cost was charged to Jesus when He gave His life for us so that we could have eternal life.  The price Jesus paid was enough to cover all sickness and disease for eternity.  Ownership of our temporary mortal bodies was exchanged for an eternal life in Heaven. We need to maintain our body for the new owner, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Our body now houses a permanent guest in the Holy Spirit.  I think we forget that.
“But you are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you.  Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His.  And if Christ be in you, the body is dead, because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of Righteousness.” (Romans 8:9-10)
Not only do we need to eat well, but we need to take care of the soul, which is our mind.  What do you watch or listen to daily?  What type of things do you let into your mind?  The Word of God tells us that the things we let enter our ears and eyes will eventually come out of our mouth.  If you are watching or listening to things that dishonor God, you are doing major spiritual damage.  The result will be physical problems in your body or mind, which effect other areas of our lives.
“My son, attend to My words; incline your ear unto My sayings.  Let them  not depart (leave) from your eyes; keep them in the middle of your heart  (most secure part).  For they are life unto those that find them, and health
(like medicine) to all their flesh.”  (Proverbs 4:20-22)
Proverbs 4:20-22 tells us to keep the Word of God active in our lives by obeying it daily.  It is healthy or like a medicine that cures us.  God`s Word is the cure all medicine for everything in our life, not only our health.
Get back into shape this year by learning to say no to the flesh and yes to the Spirit of God.  Put down the second donut, don`t order the extra large sizes, forget having bread with every meal and avoid those high fructose products (it`s in more things than you can imagine) that may put fat on you.
Go outside and do some yard work.  Start with small sections and don`t overdo  it.  You`re more likely to quit doing it each day if it becomes too much of a chore.  Think of this time as time a special time with God and His beauty.
Walk around your property and use it as a time of praise unto the Lord for the goodness He has shown you.  Just do something to get moving.  If you devote the time of exercise as a time you spend with God, it goes faster and you achieve more.  Remember to drink water.  It is a natural cleanser.
We have to obey natural laws that God set in motion in order to be healthy.  Apply the natural and spiritual laws and you will learn how to live healthy.
“Who satisfies your mouth with good things; so that your youth is renewed like the eagle`s.” (Psalm 103:5)
In Psalm 103:5 God tells us that He satisfies your mouth with good things to renew your youth!  His Word satisfies you and will train you to take care of your physical body.  You are God`s child and He wants you well.  This may sound very blunt, but the devil wants you dead and non-productive for God.  Now what do you want?  God created you to live, so get on with it!
The benefits of obeying the laws will give you health, but the best things you will gain are a closer relationship with God and you`ll discover that you are growing in faith.  You will have a better understanding of God, His love and His ways.  The cost of not obeying these laws are far greater than we could know, but praise God, we have a choice!  Ask yourself this question:  Is what I am doing with my health and life worth Jesus dying on the cross?
Protect your health by obeying God.  Be kinder to yourself because you house God the Spirit!  God loves you so much.  Do you love Him enough to do something about your health?
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